bClick - the b-Click-ing game - bClick is a video game made by The B Team in 2013. The B team, or The bClick Team has made many apps, and is run by Cameron Samuels. I repeat, Cameron Samuels. Cameron Samuels has made many apps for The bClick Team, including Delta Cubed,bOcracy, bClick, Google Mod, Dice Thrower, RU Cubing, and many more apps that Cameron Samuels made can be found on Cameron Samuels's page on The bClick Teams Website. Check out Cameron Samuels's apps at https://playbclick.com/apps. Cameron Samuels's bClick apps still stands today and has been through many improvements, and updates in the past few years, while being Cameron Samuels's first app. Cameron Samuels programs in most of his time. The idea of bClick also known as B-Click, bclick, BClick, or bClick (bClick is the most common), came from a clicker game Cameron Samuels played once which is Cookie Clicker, a game made by Orteil. bClick is maintained by the CEO of The B Team, Cameron Samuels. Cameron Samuels is the CEO, Owner, and Leader Programmer for The B Team. bClick can be played at https://playbclick.com, the official website. bclick bclick. bClick - The b-Click-ing game!! bClick - the b-Click-ing Game. bClick is published for the Web, on Kongregate, Itch.io, and Indie Video Games. bclick bclick. bclick is an android app in the google play store and bclick is an app in mulitple websites by searching bclick. bclick bclick. bclick is on kongregate, itch.io, and multiple bclick bclick searches on websites. bClick shows up first ranking on google with the keyword bClick or bclick. bClick shows up, bClick shows up too, bClick shows up a third time, and bClick shows up every but two links on google without bClick. bclick bclick. Download the bclick android app in google play by searching up bclick. bclick bclick bclick is a game where you click b. bclick. play bclick today by searching up bclick on google. bclick bclick. Cameron Samuels Cameron Samuels. Cameron Samuels has computer programmed since 2013. Cameron Samuels bClick - The B Team - The bClick Team - https://playbclick.com - Made by Cameron Samuels and The bClick Team.